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E-learning by Design

By William Horton

640 pages

Free of academic jargon and confusing theory, this down-to-earth, hands-on book is filled with hundreds of real-world examples and case studies from dozens of fields. (More...)

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Here is a review by Jon Aleckson, president of Web Courseworks. (Scroll down to TMR reviews.)

What more people are saying

This book is one of the most practical and comprehensive I have seen. It covers all phases of training in detail - except Evaluation. I guess you will have to buy my book, EVALUATING TRAINING PROGRAMS: THE FOUR LEVELS which is recommended in this book. Anyone doing E-Learning must have this book written by the #1 authority on e-learning and all its ramifications.  -Dr. Donald L. Kirkpatrick, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

Stuffed with screen examples and tips, this book is a comprehensive and concise road map to all major features in the contemporary e-learning landscape. A one-stop resource for anyone involved in design or development of computer-delivered learning environments! -Dr. Ruth Colvin Clark, Ed.D, Clark Training & Consulting

E-Learning by Design successfully brings the focus of e-learning back into a proper balance between sound instructional design and technology, with an emphasis on the former without ignoring the latter. Bill Horton set the standard for combining e-learning design, practice, evaluation and decision-making into a powerful resource. The book's integration of content, page design, illustrations and examples is extraordinary. -Marc Rosenberg,  Ph.D., Marc Rosenberg and Associates. Author of Beyond E-Learning

It's just not fair! How can William knows so much about learning, is able to explain it so well, and has so many great examples? For the rest of us, the solution is to have your own copy of E-Learning by Design handy for inspiration for all your e-learning projects. -Judy Brown, Education Technology Consultant, Founder Academic ADL Co-Lab

Resources for this book

Book examples

Many of the examples used in the book are available to view at this Web site. This page lists the available examples and contains links to them.


This book is also the course book used in our three-day public seminar, E-learning by design.

Table of contents

Here is the table of contents for the book.

More about this book

E-Learning by Design guides both industrial trainers and academic educators in:

  • Inventing engaging learning activities
  • Targeting specific goals
  • Designing learning games and simulations
  • Writing online tests and assessments

E-Learning by Design is jam-packed with best practices you can apply right away, using tools you already own. This is the guide trainers and educators need on their journey to creating successful e-learning programs.

It also helps readers select media, ensure reuse of content, specify learning objects, design the display, and make courses navigable. But wait, there's more! E-Learning by Design goes beyond traditional e-learning to include guidance on creating electronic job aids, virtual classroom activities, and mobile learning for PDAs and smart phones.